It's raining right now......haven't posted anything for a while because i was to busy playing games.The time is 12:12 am and i am just about to sleep when i remembered i didn't post anything in livejournal for a few days so here i am.I've been thinking about being a journalist or a writer when i grow up,i would love to go to France,Germany and Russia to write about the stuff i have seen there.Well i am already very sleepy so ciao!

Oh No!
Oh man,summer is almost over and i am very nervous about my new school.In that school you are not allowed to speak in Filipino,I dont have trouble writing in English,but i stutter sometimes because of nervousness.this is a very short entry because i am just voicing my own thoughts.

Weird Dreams
The time is 1:35 pm here,still playing music while thinking about stuff.This time i am going to blabber about my weird dreams,I once had a dream about a weird world,where every surface is like water mixed with circuitry.The weird thing was that I know that I am asleep,I tried to wake up but i can't,the scenery suddenly changed to a big room full of portraits.A rabbit approached me and said i was not allowed to wake up yet so i just agreed with him.

This next dream i am gonna tell you about is a bit disturbing,in my dream i saw a guy with long hair and white clothing hanged with many people crying around him.Meanwhile me and my parents are trudging in a mud-filled place,good thing i suddenly woke up.

Hmmm,wait a second......

Writer's Block: Lazing on a Sunday afternoon
What's your favorite thing to do on a lazy Sunday?

In a lazy Sunday afternoon,i just read my books,listen to music and surfing the Web.Nothing to do much this summer.

Morning Mist
From where I previously lived,morning mist would usually cover the whole road and refreshing air will blow to my face before i go to school.In this new place where i currently live,well,it is much more hotter in this place,literally.
Early in the morning music is already playing inside the house,Currently playing is "Left Hand Suzuki Method",i
immediately remembered my Mother playing the violin inside the house,although she never finished her lessons.

The Sun had risen and once again the whole house feels like a furnace,even the air blowing inside the house is hot....wait a second,actually there is no air blowing inside the house,unless you open a fan,you would not even notice there is air inside here.Currently listening to the song "Through  The Trees".I will write a new composition of random things later,i am going to do something first.(this is merely an excuse,because i will run out of things to say when i keep blabbering.)

Till next time,

12 :26am.... relaxing to the music of Gorillaz,listening right now to the melancholic "El Manana".Gorillaz is its own kind of music,every song takes you to a place that you have never been before.One minute you are underwater in a beautiful place with neon lights from scales of fish then,in a split second you are in a beautiful,healthy and lush forest.I am very nervous about going to my new school,and the only thing that can relax me is listening to their music.I do not know how i passed that test but i somehow did,anyway,i am feeling a little nostalgic because i remember all the time with my friends.Listening to the "Parish of Space Dust",the best combination when listening to Gorillaz is drinking a Mocha Latte in Starbucks at dawn and reading a good book like Murakami.Currently listening to "On Melancholy Hill",thinking about what to do tomorrow.I am thinking about writing another composition of my thoughts,probably early so i can get ideas on the presence of late dawn.I think i am in some kind of music trance,i feel very relaxed.... The date and time is currently:May 14,2011-12:51am.
Nothing special about today except for getting my new game,but i doubt ill get it this soon.I guess i will have to wait but that is okay to me,i can find many things to preoccupy me,including this and listening to music.i haven't run out of ideas and thoughts but i think i must save those for next time.

Till next time


Dawn Thoughts
The time is 11

Random Thoughts(Walang Magawa)
Well,let us start this by telling you about my school days.Me and my friends used to cause mischief all the time,we always stay in the canteen,go out of school even though we are not supposed to,etc.One day me and my friends Euge, Miguel, and Cj decided to just go out and irritate the first-years.Our usual routine was to run around the whole court while shouting various things.We run around the whole school to avoid anybody who tries to catch us and turn us in to the teachers,anyway,we play this game called "21".We usually play this game at break time and when the bell rings, we all go back to our classroom all sweaty and basically foul-smelling.

Nakaka nose-bleed yung sa taas no?spokening dollar ba hehehe(sinadya ko na mali grammar manahimik ka).
Ako naman ngayon ay mag kwento tungkol sa mga ginagawa ko ng madaling araw,natutulog  ako ng hapon para pag nagising ako ng mga 9:00 pm,computer time na hehehehe.nagsa-sawa na ko kakanood ng  videos sa Youtube eh,kaya naisipan ko gumawa ng post dito.anyway,habang nakabukas ang TV na hindi naman pinapanood,ako ay nanunuod ng mga videos sa Youtube.nood na nood na talaga ako eh,nagingay nanaman ang mga pusa,takte naman o,basag focus sa video.Pagkatapos manood ng videos tungkol sa Call Of Duty:Black Ops,nag basa ako ng pinaka-latest na libro ni bob ong:Ang mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan.
tawa ako ng tawa dun sa simula,nag mumukha na kong tanga mag isa natawa(hehehe parang nakadrugs)
tapos nung asa gitna na ko nag babasa nawala  ngiti ko eh,biglang naging nakakatakot yung libro,panira ng mood ba.
Haaay,naka bukas na TV,tiningnan ko oras 10:26 na pala,ayus lang yan di pa naman inaantok,umakyat na ang aking tatay na magaling at ang nanay ko naman asa ibang bansa nag tatrabaho,sana makauwi na sya.Nag sesenti ako dito bigla may panira na mukha sa TV,tawa ako ng tawa muntik na magising kapit bahay bwahahahaha.OO NGA PALA!!!Friday the 13th ngayun!buti wala namang masamang mangyari.

Nakakaurat din dito dahil summer eh,wala mga kaibigan ko,di ko alam kung asan sila sa balat ng lupa,naalala ko nung nag lakad kami nila Roselle,Mia,Alexa,Normiel,Manuel at Ako,mula sa Casimiro hanggang GoldenGate,pota ang init bwahahahah,masaya naman dahil kami ay nag kwentuhan tungkol sa last months namin sa school,tumigil kami sa Jollibee para kumain ng "39ers".Naisip ko na magbayad ng barya para lang mang-asar lang pero baka mapalabas ako ehehhe,habang nag kwentuhan ang mga utaw utaw sa Jollibe ako naman ay nag labas ng libro para pa "Serious Effect".Peste di naman gumana hahahha.

Nung asa jeep na kami,katabi ko sila Roselle saka asa harap ako ni Manuel,bigla ako dumaldal na may magandang babae na nakaglasses,ang ibig sabihin ko kasi yung asa labas,yun pala sa loob ng jeep may babae din na naka glasses.Shet,napatingin sya,akala nya sya eh bwahahahha.Oo nga pala nabangga ako ng motorsiklo,ang sakit ahahahaha.Sige next time nalang tatamad na ko mag type eh.Hehehehe ciao!


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